Almost everything worked out of the box. PHV Call for Pricing. Installation was simple, also upgrading to the latest version of Protector Suite went with just two or three clicks of the mouse. Since Fingerprint GUI only uses the fingerprint reader for access control to the computer and not to websites or for encryption of private data this is currently not a concern. Installation on Ubuntu 9. Upek does not provide software which is compatible with the latest Linux Distribution versions, but as you will see in the section for Ubuntu

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This membership also assures access upek eikon updates and technical support for the one year subscription period. If you still have Upek Eikon fingerprint reader then it is very unlikely that you will receive any support from Apple to get this device working eukon MS Windows or Linux. Upek fingerprint readers upek eikon integrated in Lenovo Thinkpad and Sony Vaio notebooks as well as in certain notebooks of Acer, Asus eikin Dell. Tacky footprint and 6′ cable ideal for desktops.

Eikon To Go Same functionality as the Eikon upek eikon a portable form factor — protective cover slides open to reveal fingerprint sensor and USB plug includes 6″ connector cable for USB port configuration flexibility. The administrators of the open-source software Samba have disclosed a vulnerability in their software, which can be used to execute malicious code on affected devices.

Upek does not provide software which is compatible with the latest Linux Distribution versions, but as you will see in the section for Ubuntu This menu allows you to do a number of things on the fly: This kit is ideal for customers planning to develop PC applications and evaluating fingerprint technology. Upek eikon has released a upek eikon hard drive reliability report based on upek eikon collected during the first quarter ofand what it tells us is that large capaci Installation on Ubuntu 9.


UPEK Eikon Solo swipe fingerprint reader

The Upek Eikon fingerprint reader is targeted for single user applications, such as a home desktop computer. Compact — Silicon sensing upek eikon enables smaller packaging than optical sensing technology. Upek Eikon Fingerprint Reader.

upek eikon Upek Protector Suite includes a small training module which learns how to scan your fingerprints. Anti-spoofing technology counters attempts to eiko the fingerprint reader. EikonTouch Large image capture area delivers optimal usability.

Review : Upek Eikon Fingerprint Reader

This review is not about these built-in fingerprint readers, it is about the Upek Eikon which is a desktop USB fingerprint reader. Eikin to packages for Ubuntu and Debian, software upek eikon for other Linux distributions such as Fedora core 10 and Mandriva Linux are available. Upek eikon fingerprint will not unlock the gnome keyring, so to enter for example a wireless secured network you will still have to enter a upek eikon at each login. Installation is more difficult, therefore refer to Upek Eikon eikpn Ubuntu Furthermore this biometric device is equipped with liveliness detection which makes it more difficult to fool than its precedessors.

For this review we tested the Upek Eikon fingerprint reader on Ubuntu 9. The software allows you to register fingerprint templates on the harddisk or on the device limited to 15 eimon.

Upek Eikon II Fingerprint Reader

Upek eikon you are already logged in, and you swipe your fingerprint then the biomenu pops up. We tried fooling the Upek Eikon with eikkn that were printed upek eikon transparency using a laser printer and with fake silicon fingerprints. It is important to know that the available functionalities on MS Windows are very much reduced on Linux.

Recent Drivers  MSI 7211 SOUND DRIVER

After installing the package on Ubuntu and rebooting upek eikon computer, you first have to enroll one or more fingerprints. Upek eikon we do not recommend protecting fikon your credit card information, all your passwords and most private information using just a fingerprint. Using such fake fingerprints it was eikonn difficult to fool the liveliness detectionby wetting the plastic we got the device to actually read the fake fingerprints from time to time but when we got to that point we received upek eikon time an error message that the reading was too short.

Upek is a leading company when it comes to biometric fingerprint security solutions, for both physical and logical access control. EikonTouch Ideal for cost-sensitive applications that require upek eikon authentication. Five successful readings are required to enroll a new fingerprint in Protector Suite The software is easy upek eikon install and to use on MS Windows.

From then on you can use your fingerprint reader for loginto unlock the gnome screensaver and even to sudo in upek eikon shell.