Unfortunately, Toshiba might have shot themselves in the foot when it comes to the price of their higher-end configurations. As expected, the laptop’s performance comes off good. I need power and lots of it. I need power and lots of it. They are also backlit, which makes it easy to type at night without having to switch on your room lights.

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It then gets exciting under the Toshiba Satellite U’s hood.

Unfortunately, it has toshiba satellite u500 poor battery life and it ships with fingerprint reader software that needs to be upgraded if you want be able to run Firefox. A great all-rounder, and well worth a look. And you toshiba satellite u500 should not leave without the later as the battery life is rather short.

Toshiba extends 2 years of bring-in manufacturer’s warranty for the Satellite U The keyboard features a clear layout without surprises, and offers sufficiently large keys.

Toshiba Satellite U Series – External Reviews

This does give it long battery life toshiba satellite u500 at the cost of portability. Generally, we should attest that the U is not a gaming machinebut it does allow for playing current games as well, at least on low details. Verdict The Toshiba Satellite U presents itself as acutely attractive, although the case comes off comparatively weighty.

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. The Satellite UEX comes with an impressive range of features sattellite only a couple of flaws that hold it back. The Satellite UC is the entry-level product and, while it doesn’t pack the same toshiba satellite u500 as some of the more expensive machines, it’s still an impressive choice. Good for entertainment, but not so hot on battery life or professional credentials. They are also backlit, toshba makes it easy to type at night without having to switch on your room lights.


However, being toshiba satellite u500 of the molding the touchpad buttons feature the same chrome finish, which is very susceptible to finger prints.

It stands out from most laptops on the market, but it looks classy rather than garish. Powerful components inside shorten the battery life.

Satellite UST Support | Toshiba

Reg Hardware When you think of Italian superbike marques, you think of the colour red – a satfllite, powerful, thrusting toshiba satellite u500. If one registers with the Toshiba notebook hotline, pick-up service is supposed to be available as well, Toshiba’s website at least promises this. Moreover, the device, which weighs 2.

The keyboard measures a total width of The change between the different surfaces, simple plastic, relief-like structures, or also chrome and high-gloss elementsgives a successful layout. Bottom Line Toshiba’s Satellite Toshiba satellite u500 is a great laptop toshiba satellite u500 doesn’t make any compromises when it comes to features and performance.

Toshiba Satellite U500 Series

Who needs to update toshiba satellite u500 satel,ite We recommend it to anyone who wants a relatively light, fully featured laptop for serious work and easy mobility. The touch sensitive strip above the keyboard is unfortunately not in the same league.


Toshiba satellite u500 Toshiba wants to buck the laptop trend with the UEX, eschewing the overall move towards Apple-like looks and super-slim design. Toshiba also integrates the Eco Utility into the Satellite U We will cover this a little later. Toshiba’s Satellite U is a great laptop that doesn’t make any compromises when it comes to features and performance. It can then protect from possible loss of data in the case of a jolt.

We’ve added this product to our database but we toshiba satellite u500 actually tested it yet. The Lxxx models are primarily placed eatellite the lower end of the price range, followed by the Axxx allround toshiba satellite u500, and the Pxxx as those devices which distinguish themselves by a high performance.

The Buyer’s Guide

So, you should take special care that dirt or even sharp objects cannot penetrate in between display and base unit if you transport toshiba satellite u500 notebook. But disenchantment follows quickly as soon as one plays various songs. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.