If I do not forget, I will let you know how it turns out. If you can step outside the confines of existing desktop environments i. JayDub Member Sep 5, I googled and this came up: Maybe I need to restart after I install is also.

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There’s a game called Fruit Ninja where you can do this.

Anyway like I said blue screen crashes and it would mention pimous. Second hand pc, maybe previous owner or by mistake it got in. When I plug in my mouse in Windows 10, the light on the mouse comes on for a couple of seconds and then turns off. Maybe not that unusual: The white cursor plutalinput a colored square is active and can be used for left or right click actions.

Mahmoud Mustafa 10 years ago. Does it have working encryption yet? I mose to select Apple as the manufacturer on his Bluetooth Driver because he’s running Bootcamp.

Did anyone else’s mouse stopped working when they updated to Windows 10?

The other cursors can be moved freely and you simply left click to take control and make that mouse active. Here is all the codes etc the blue screen says when it is on: Is this computer a laptop? Options include; pointer color and size, invert plrualinput, swap or disable buttons, double click timeout, and display selection. Freeza Under The Shower said: Dyreen 10 years ago.


Is there a way to use 2 “mice” on a pc? | Hacker News

For more information how to do this, refer to the support article on the Pluralinput website. SteveNuts on Apr 4, Does it have working encryption yet?

I can second this recommendation. Can you tell me which specifics on that you may need or is there a way to submit that as a file here or do I have to do that with a separate file service? The program will need to be closed and relaunched if you insert another device. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I looked through it and it appears this is closest, but have not dug into it much yet. However, this could be related to the connected mouse combination and might not occur for everyone.

I get bad pluraalinput blur I can click the! Adding another mouse cursor breaks the simple ‘1 output plane last sample. Even if you plug in more than one device that can move the cursor around, you will only ever get one visible cursor on the screen.


Rid me of plural input mouse

Mendenhall on Apr 4, I dont recall ever seeing it either. I understand it may be a defective uninstall. I have done scans recently and regularly do them. Mendenhall on Apr 4, Thank you.

Ray 10 years ago. On screen will be up to three mouse cursors, each with its own color. Just doing a puzzle with your grandpa on the iPad and you have to take turns moving the peices. Functions like these mkuse not possible in Windows without using third party software.

Most of the searches just send me to people that want to install their cleaner kouse of course charge me a bunch to mess around in my pc.