It has been qualified for Energy Star 4. It’s a slight disappointment because the original CF-W7 was hardly an elegant design. Image 1 of 3. The biggest trade-off is speed, but if you need to tote your notebook cross-country and aren’t too keen on squinting, the Y7 is a wise investment. Panasonic’s semi-rugged series of laptops is a compromise between stylish but fragile consumer notebooks and expensive rugged portables that can shrug off a fall down a flight of stairs or a spot of word processing in the rain. Its unique pop-up optical drive, the semi-rugged exterior, and a big screen combine to form a system that weighs only 3. Inside the familiar-looking magnesium-alloy body is the

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Despite the larger screen, though, it’s 6mm thinner than the CF-W7. In compensation, it’s also cheaper and lighter than fully ruggedised notebooks.

Get Our Best Stories! Panasonic hasn’t made too many cosmetic changes to its latest generation of Toughbook, with the bulk of the improvements being made to tougbook effectively the system handles the components and the heat generated. The CF-Y7 has the same panasonic toughbook cf-y7 bulge on the front of the lid that extends over the bottom of the chassis when c-fy7 – and there are other panasonic toughbook cf-y7 design features, too.

This improved performance, along with the larger screen, also has a negative impact on battery life. Once you pick it up, though, you panasonic toughbook cf-y7 toughhook to start jogging with it.

What the Y7 lacks in speed, it makes up for in stamina. It doesn’t have a recycling program in place, but the company is actively deploying end-of-life parts to other countries, reducing the proportion of stuff that enters the waste stream.


This ultraportable features Intel’s 1. The chassis of the CF-Y7 is also constructed of a strong magnesium panasonic toughbook cf-y7, inside which sits a floating mechanism to stop the impact cf-y a drop being passed on to the hard disk. In our 2D benchmarks it scored 0. The liquid was quickly whisked away through the built-in channels, and it seeped out of the bottom of the machine with no ill effects; we were able to continue surfing the Web and panasonic toughbook cf-y7 programs immediately afterward.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-Y7 review

Larger and more powerful than its predecessor, but battery life tokghbook as a result. Fastest Mobile Networks This gives the Toughbook CF-Y7 the slight advantage with hard-core tasks like video editing and photo rendering. FromPanasonic has primarily offered tablets and, to a lesser extent, panasonic toughbook cf-y7 smartphones.

Now, it’s practically the norm. How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls. Panasonic Toughbook CF-Y7 review 2. More often than not we found the Home panasonic toughbook cf-y7 instead, catapulting our cursor to the start of a line. In other areas, however, the Toughbook is unexceptional. Laptop Mag Pajasonic Panasonic Toughbook Y7 is expensive, but with the high price tag comes rock-solid durability, excellent battery life, and the largest screen you can get under four pounds.

A neat design that you’ll only find on Panasonkc laptops is the placement of the DVD rewriter in the palm rest, which you open panasonic toughbook cf-y7 a small latch.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-Y7 Review & Rating |

Take that, Apple and Lenovo! Luckily, XP is shipped with these Toughbooks, so that memory goes a lot further than it would under Vista. This new CF-Y7 is a larger and panasonic toughbook cf-y7 powerful version of the CF-W7 we reviewed recently and there’s little to tell the two apart. Panasonic toughbook cf-y7 for those users that expect a notebook to receive a few bumps and scrapes along the way, rather than heavy blows and drops.


Yet the Y7 is not a performance thoroughbred by any means. Features like a shock-mounted hard drive, a spill-resistant keyboard, and a thick magnesium alloy chassis which Panasonic molds to the frame perfectly are typically associated with the term “business-rugged.

For Rugged and high-quality build Great battery life Lightweight Impressive amount of features. Panasonic panasonic toughbook cf-y7, for example, is what you could call a core manufacturer, optimizing its Toughbook laptop line with custom-tailored frames and integral components put together by its own engineers. The panasonic toughbook cf-y7 other inch laptop that comes close to its weight is the Fujitsu LifeBook Swhich weighs exactly 4 pounds.

I’m a little surprised that Panasonic doesn’t offer solid-state drives panasonuc as options, given that these drives are more durable and consistent with the Toughbook name. The panasonic toughbook cf-y7 change to this version is the use of dual-core processing, with this chassis now being able to sport an Intel Core 2 Duo chip, panasonic toughbook cf-y7 it the low-voltage variant running at 1.