It is no probs putting your sataIII on a normal sataII port until you can get the drivers installed for marvel and sataIII- sataIII hard drives are back compatible- infact if set up in ide mode it was running no faster than I have had this problem and always thought it was an issue with my motherboard or something else … you rock. Foo 10 years ago. I don’t see what MSI are talking about when they complain about your walls of text he he ;-. It trully appears that your hinting to continue running them in Raid. Pandiyan 10 years ago.

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You’ll have to check this again and possibly move the drive back to the list once more after you reconnect the RAID disks too. I had the same problem on a T If the SSD is connected to the white sata3 ports the drive will marvell doing the first screen of post.

If so, please post a link. JT 9 years ago. Rick 10 years ago. Here is the exact error message. Or, I can marvel Windows, do a good deal of configuring, but after reboot, Windows complains my boot disk has no MBR None of your sata drives will run at proper speeds or have maevell features unless using ahci support- if in ide mode not a one of them runs any faster than an actual raid might be another story- but most folks do not know these things and let the mobos stay at defaults and think windows makes these changes when they install the os- it does not- the mobo bios defaults are ide mode- and only vista had native ahci support- but it still had to be turned on in the bios or even vista would skip it and install the os and hdd in ide mode.


Boot into bios and enable ACHI for both controllers. It is ok- maybe it will help others down the road with like probs.

Or you can use the first part of these instructions if you have already installed w7 and do the eisc tweak and then shut off your system and then move dixc hdd to the proper marvel 6gig port and reboot and it should work. Noel 6 years ago. Sometimes it works and I can see my two hd, other times I have to reboot, go into bios make no changesexit and it works again.

I can finally install windows now as it eventually detected the hard drives.

SSD/Marvell [Archive] – TweakTown Forums

Jalal 8 years ago. You don’t have to clean all of those all the time, I just do it maybe once every few weeks or so.

Again, I’m sorry for my confusion! You don’t have to clear the CMOS unless you run into issues, not sure what you meant about that?

SATA Controllers

Works like a charm, installing XP Pro right now! Worked on a Dell Dimension I just stated the facts. And yes, if you have a printer that you can connect mavell to the router or switch, then it should be available to all connected computers.


Ohh, I forgot Intel boards probably all have additional Marvell controllers too! CupChampz01 10 years ago. Jake 11 years ago.

Lou G 8 years ago. Since our email marvelo is on the fritz right now, I’ll make you a registered user right now, so when you read this post you’ll be able to go make a signature and upload avatars, ect. I believe the latest confusion is all on me.

A year ago, my step-son was going to throw this laptop away. Belal 9 years ago.

What do you mean about moving this post in your last comments? The good news it isnt being logged, thanx to the “fix”. I could probably bore you to tears explaining why system is stock techinically its OC because ram is but I had issues like Bluescreen tryin to install Win7.

Install XP: Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer •

I clicked restart and hit F12, but was distracted thankfully so and missed option boot from CD. Originally Posted by kingmortz. Install macrium on your main system, then backup images to a secondary drive for storage I might be able to help with the router, but I think you should reset it as I mentioned, as it shouldn’t be causing network issues at all with default settings.