The device manufacturer should be most familiar with these products. One other question I have: Second, The device seems to work just fine on Windows 7, I just had to run the Windows application compatibility wizard. Highlight it and click End Process. Logitech is getting out of the USB speakerphone game and there currently is quite the fire-sale on them. Thanks in advance for any help Shplad. Though not officially supported on Win 7, the CallCentral software version

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The workaround to make it work there seems to be: Monday, September 7, 8: Maybe I should’ve said postscript, but that would’ve been more appropriate for a printer posting. Like I said, their calltakers had never even heard of the product. Speakerphoen is for Windows 7 bit only: I phoned Logitech support, and big shocker spoke with someone who sported a thick foreign accent and repeated the name of the product in literally every sentence.

Now that news about the mic.

Logitech Quickcall USB Speakerphone | Seeds for Change – next

That leaves about 5MB of image in memory used for the QuickCall. Just don’t expect Logitech support people to have heard of it.


I suggest restarting your system to purge the bad JuJu. That’s too bad, because I think it’s a great product, once you’ve taken the time to set it up.

Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. I could tell the support rep.

Remove From My Forums. Is the microphone supposed to always be on? Hope this helps somebody. This is for Windows 7 bit only:. Clicking Retry on the removal application should allow it to continue. Tuesday, January 26, 3: By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

The device was showing as USB speaker disabled Trying to troubleshoot through the devices and printers window failed to find any fault. Use the on-screen controls of Skype or other audio software.

This also seems to contradict the documentation. The device, in my case, doesn’t seem to want to work unless it is selected as the default media output device. This seems stupid since your speakers are supposed to be the default media device, or at least that would make the most sense. I say surprisingly because the drivers I’m using were supposed to be Vista drivers.


Then again, I’ve only tried this on Skype Out calls to telephonesso your mileage may vary. Not meaning to sound lazy, but just recently had to reinstall Windows because something trashed the partition, so I’m not in the mood to reinstall again so soon.

Logitech Quickcall USB Speakerphone

That should put you at the UK site. Though not officially spekaerphone on Win 7, the CallCentral software version I haven’t tried it. If not, click it and choose United Kingdom. Are you using the specific UK drivers I mentioned? We got one at work, and once we got it working the reason for this postfound it to have exceptional call quality. Sat Aug 29, Saturday, September 5, 4: However, experience suggest to me that this is fixable.