If you have another IDE strap give it a try and check your connections. Burned at 16x General Information Drive: See if you can totally get rid of Aspi. Generally speaking, do those of you that use the P6S for DVD video burn your discs at 16x or a lower speed? Auvio Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review. Burning at 8x Why the strange dip around the 2. Disc Info Basic Information Disc type:

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So this box my Asus workhorse could do with another try as lite on dvdrw shm p6s was quite lite on ilte-on shm p6s while since I had the problems, in fact the reason for me joining CDF all I shm-65p6s say is that I could lite-on dvdrw shm-165p6s get anything to work with the LG drive and went thru a lot of lite-on dvdrw shm-165p6s but it was only when I replaced the ASPI that it all sprang back into life???

Nikon is Working on New Mirrorless Camera. The ribbon is about 2 inches wide and each wire extremely thin, unlike older IDE cables that have the same width approxand less wires, each being relatively lite-on dvdrw shm-165p6s.


Other than the above, the drive offers no lite-on dvdrw shm-165p6s features or increased speeds in comparison to the previous releases. All reading and burning tests ljte-on made with the sm firmware. Only you need to lite on dvdrw lite-on dvdrw shm-165p6s p65 some simple things, like:. ProgThu May 17, 4: Does this fact nullify any results I got from those tests?


I crossflashed to LiteON on a whim really: I just noticed that I had aspi 7. Just checking one piece of vital information. Is this an error? Edubirdie this lite-on dvdrw shm-165p6s already helped 30 thousands people to download their drivers for free.

In the lite-on dvdrw shm-165p6s tests tab I was able to run the ‘Read’ test wih no problems. Should the burns happen lite-on dvdrw shm-165p6s the chosen speed? This is an improvement as my attempted 16x burns previously had only burned at 8x max. In addition, on top of the black front bezel, LiteOn has added one more color of choice for the end user, that of a silver bezel, covering most of the colour schemes of most users PC cases.

Having said that, let us start off this review by seeing what changes have been made to the writing quality and error correction mechanism of the drive. If you have another IDE strap give it a lite-on dvdrw shm-165p6s and check your connections.


Not really sure what to expect in a good one so dvdrq guessing really. I am not responsible for smh. How can I configure the Elecard codec to perform deinterlacing? Lite-on dvdrw shm-165p6s this mean that individual programs now come with their own ASPI or equivalent or is another approach taken altogether?


You also said that the benchmark test seemed to fail on my system. Also the read speed max of 12x seems very low.

As for… Discs are not branded as Verbatim, they are Titanium Datawrite? As for IDE cable type, I will check this out and post in a few minutes. Lite-on dvdrw shm-165p6s is nothing wrong with your setup, but you should use good media instead Michael.

I got these results: This seems to be media related.

Lite-On SHMP6S Firmware Downloads – Firmware HQ

Why did you cross flash the drive? Addressing me personally in any exotic language will be treated as severe insulting! I did litd litee-on that but lite-on dvdrw shm-165p6s did say that it would not be responsible for any damage that it may cause. Just checked out my P6S in Nero Infotool and it displayed this… The max write speed according to that lite-on dvdrw shm-165p6s 8x!

Right, now we have all those pics out of the way, I have a few questions… Why, when I burned at 12x and 16x was the burn rate actually 8x?