You can order a parallel cable from Lexmark. A type of connection parallel interface. You do not need to attach a grounding wire to the computer. Features of the Lexmark Forms Printer Plus. Page 80 Chapter 4: Make sure the top cover is removed.

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Page 10 Manually move the printhead to the side of the printer as shown. You are now ready to print. Menu Language Changes the language used rpinter the operator panel.

Lexmark Forms Printer plus Specs – CNET

lexmark forms printer 4227 plus The versatile print head also adjusts automatically between different paper thicknesses, saving you the trouble of manual adjustments. Press and hold Prniter Note: The printer beeps if you go out of range.

You can order a parallel cable from Lexmark. The following table gives the manual setting choices and the information needed to make the appropriate choice for your paper type.

Page Set Top of Form Setting setting AutoGap operator panel language printer online or offline Top-Of-Form in a Macro setting macros single sheets, loading software, installing solving problems alarm and abnormal noise clearing paper jams display message list Power switch Switches power On or Off.


Also called a beeper. Information entered into or used data. The printer combines excellent print quality along with the ability to print several print styles and graphics.

Page 28 AutoGap When AutoGap is set to On defaultthe printer automatically adjusts to the thickness of the lexmark forms printer 4227 plus you are using.

Remove the system board cover from the back of the printer. Page 73 For example, if you set the left margin at 1 inch 2. Page 44 Single — Adjusts the printhead to the paper thickness: When the cartridge is not installed, you can easily see the position of the two horizontal white lines on either end of the metal platen bar.

Manual feed door Enables manual feed of cut forms.

Lexmark Forms Printer 4227 Plus User Manual

Page Top-Of-Form stopping the printer using Tear-Off 42—44 options auto sheet feeder 75, 76 extended lexmark forms printer 4227 plus guides parallel cable printer stand serial cable tractor 2 feeder 75, 85 paper advancing loading auto sheet feeder tractor 2 feeder 50— Does not appear when the Tractor 2 Option is installed.

If necessary, untwist the ribbon. Enter text from picture: Move the right paper guide so that the guide aligns with the right edge of the paper. This feature will cut the energy used lexmark forms printer 4227 plus up to 50 percent. Warranty, you may recover actual damages up to the limit set forth in the following paragraph.


Page Carefully pull up on the ribbon guide while also pulling up on the rib- bon cartridge. Check that the forms are loaded correctly.

Connecting the Parallel Cable You will need to connect either a parallel cable or a serial cable to the printer. Press Item or Item until Control Options appears on the display. Page Push the paper select lever up to the single sheet Lexmark forms printer 4227 plus the paper supports to the upright position.

Turn off the computer and the printer. Connecting The Serial Cable Connect the serial cable.

Ribbons for Lexmark Forms Printer 4227 Plus

An affordable dot matrix printer that is rugged and reliable, yet flexible enough to meet your growing business needs. Connected paper continuous forms.

AutoGap When AutoGap is set to On defaultthe printer automatically adjusts to the thickness of the paper pljs are using.