If you can afford the price tag, it is well worth the money. At least in our office, DAB radio reception was, to be brutally honest, an enormous pile of crap. Navigation iRiver have a strong reputation for their easy to use and innovative user interfaces; B30 is no different. Also, the highly glossy screen made viewing in sunlight a pain in the eyeballs. They have icons that illuminate for a short time when they are pressed, although you can adjust the length of time they will stay lit for.

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The battery lasted six hours and 42 minutes while playing video, which is almost long enough for a iriver b30 flight. There’s a lot to b300 about iRiver’s 8GB B30, but it’s expensive.

This new technology aims to provide the best sound experience from your movies. The Bottom Iriver b30 Idiosyncratic as hell, the iRiver B30 is a iriver b30 player with sparkling sound, but it won’t put a fire up the Cupertino boys. The speaker also doubles as a microphone for voice recording. DRM-free iTunes Plus downloads are iriver b30 supported. Sensitive FM radio tuner means you always have a huge choice of music available.

Music sounded rather flat both with the included earphones and a better-quality set. It’s iriver b30 change that iriver b30 odd if you’ve ever used any other MP3 player. Though sometimes you’ll accidentally find yourself hitting OK instead of down as the buttons iriver b30 a little nebulous due to the lack of a hard button. Irievr B30 is packed full of features, including a DAB radio, but it’s expensive for the amount of storage space.


iriver B30 PMP gets video walkthrough – SlashGear

We have mixed feelings iriver b30 the iRiver B The arrangement of the antenna and headphone jack makes it awkward to put the thing in your pocket, but we did find you didn’t need to extend the antenna much to get reception which makes it a little easier. It’s a good-looking player, probably meaty enough to crush a medium to large insect.

Touch screen visibility and iriver b30 was great and easy to navigate. We tested a wide range of music genres on the iriver b30 B30 and it handled everything with ease using the supplied headphones.

Photos: iRiver B30 MP3 player hands-on

Upload iriver b30 favourite pictures so you always have them with you. Each menu and sub-menu was in an understandable order and category. A built-in accelerometer iRiver calls it a G-Sensor enables the display to switch iriver b30 portrait to landscape mode depending on how you hold it. Would you buy this?

iRiver B30 – the littlest digital radio and more

Switched off, you can see how glossy the screen is. With touch sensitive buttons the B30 shows its class. Sign iriver b30 to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event iirver, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

Also, the highly glossy screen made viewing in sunlight a pain in the eyeballs. Fortnite’s birthday update adds cake, Playground Mode and more Fortnite’s birthday update adds cake, Playground Mode and more irkver Jason Parker. Having the speaker on the side of the B30 would have been better.


iriver b30

Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. Touch screen iriver b30 and operation was great and easy to navigate.

The iRiver has what the company calls a “colourful GUI” graphic user interface but we’re not iiver that brown is a colour many people would consider iriver b30 be particularly iriver b30. Activating DAB puts the iRiver into landscape mode, and you’ll need to view it on its side.

iriver B30 PMP gets video walkthrough

For transferring files to and from the iriver b30 the B30 comes with iRiver Plus 3 software. The MP3 player’s design is rather iPhone-esque.

Our reference video files looked okay, but significantly better screens exist on the market for watching video, such iriver b30 Cowon’s S9. Offering 12 hours of high resolution audio playback continuously, the N3 is an ideal on-the-go music companion for users who are looking for portability and high fidelity at iriver b30 same time. Brand Post Bitdefender Bitdefender solutions irivdr attacks before they even begin! Visit manufacturer site for details.