I bought 10 so far for customers and my own machine. I would recommend you to go to: Originally posted by DerKaiser: I apologise for its presentation and my laboured navigation. Hello Thanks for this guide.

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Is the modem working inmediatly after you turn on the computer? Setting up build-essential Blast, I think your famjly. Readme or another file inside says it works for anybut I really wonder. We live in a hyper-connected world.

Fri Jun 20, 9: Error exit delayed from previous errors At this point I unpacked the driver by using the GUI rather inyel the terminal!

Is that why you execute? Yes, there is been a discussion on that matter at the mailing list damily http: Please get me out of this trouble. Thank you for the help, I’d be nowhere without this community. Nitel returned status 2 tar: I did get a few errors but they didn’t matter in the long run. If you want a terminal utility you could use wvdial, it is the tool that gnome-ppp uses, I think. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links.

Recent Drivers  GMA 3150 SHERRY DRIVER

This is the answer: I installed dual-boot with XP Feisty Fawn last week and, after reading the thread, have installed 6. Message from syslogd pm-desktop at Wed Jun 13 I have Ubuntu 6. Someone must have cracked this – any suggestions?

Setting up make 3. Without actually having a ep module, I can’t tell you for certain if the size is to big.

That’s a software modem. The drivers are excellent, compared to most other software modems.

Download Intel EP Chipset Family driver Modems free software

After running the scan modem tool there is a file Intel. Am I correct at choosing this driver?

First problem is modem. I just have a quick question, How can you know if you have version 6.

IntelĀ® Mobile Modem Solutions

Selecting previously deselected package gcc. Sorry for the incovenience.

Wed Jun 25, 6: After reboot I tried to type pon I’m not sure if this is how to connect to internet in the terminal mode. Yeah, followed it to the letter. You could try to find info about that joining the discussion list on http: Scanning your serial ports for a modem. Selecting previously deselected package gcc