Fri Jul 16, 4: Tue Nov 09, 7: When the system is booted all other components are reasonably quiet until this card kicks in. And up until now, I thought that the Zalman ZM80 series required 2 expansion areas, not one. May not be redistributed under the GPLD. Jul 19, Messages:

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His HHE1TOPN ATI Radeon mb DDR 64bit PCI Vga/dvi/tv out Video Card | eBay

Sun Oct 10, 4: Tue Nov 09, 3: What have you got in mind? Not all brands mentioned are good brands in terms of qualitynor can many of the models be considered a good purchase compared to some of the others.

This is a little strange to me why they have several different designs for the same chipset, but it should be noted. All images are for reference only, and are subject to change without prior notice.

Join overother people just like you! May 14, Messages: Sat Oct 16, There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.


HIS X300SE 128MB (64bit) Drivers

Also, what is the significance of the BOLD text products? Page 1 of 6.

Hi Mike, All I know is that they’re passive. Guides Fastest 3D card? Sat Oct 30, It’s definitely passively cooled confirmed on the Gigabyte website. I will let him speak for himself I couldn’t tell for certain from the photo on Gigabyte’s webpage, but the heatsink did not look overly large to me ie, did not look like it would eat a PCI slot.

Also noticed that Leadtek also makes some passively cooled cards. I’ve got a Sapphire XT Ultimate, and it nis takes up the AGP slot, with that glorious heatpipe solution for a totally fanless product.

AlexOct 7, All brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

All you had to do was hiw dustyjay’s advice. For the X300we series cards, it is possible to buy separately the bits to turn the passive P into a triplehead card effectively a P Perhaps you’d like to help keep it up to date? Fri Jul 16, 9: Would the 2D category cover this? I can say that a Geforce level or higher is recommended due to some feature s that are accelerated in 2D, but are not available on pre-Geforce cards like the TNT or so I assume.


ATI Radeon X SE |

For examle assign the task for checking on such and such companies to one person, and several other companies to another individual, etc Fri Oct 29, In addition, it seems that Apollo has a few passive nVidia offerings, even though their own website doesn’t mention it.

They are the some of cards that you would want to consider if you were purchasing a reasonably fast 3D card today. MSI FX is passively cooled. Wed Nov 10, 8: Seems like this would be a very powerful card for a silent system! Thank you, I added the info.