He married in and divorced in Sorbonne-educated society fundraiser and costume- and set-designer Barbara, daughter of German nobleman Henrik von Schlubach. While his father engaged in the Spanish Civil War, Alfonso spent much of his early life in London but later lived in the French city of Biarritz. The hurtled over a canal on the left side of the road, then veered back across the canal, causing the deaths of nine onlookers in total. In he raced with Luigi Chinetti in the Carrera Panamericana. He would never see the day. A concrete milestone was gouged from the ground by the car and thrown into the crowd, killing two children. And it was the start of a long trial against Enzo Ferrari and tyre manufacturer Englebert, on a charge for manslaughter.

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Cousin of Vicente Sartorius. He was hospitalized with a broken leg. Two of the dead children were hit by a concrete highway milestone that was ripped from the ground by Portago’s car and thrown into the crowd. His first love was horse riding, though.

Thus it happened, and in Fon was a works Ferrari driver in both portaggo cars and Formula 1.

Not that he was unable to pass them, d he found it easier to find his braking points when he was following. In he raced with Luigi Chinetti in the Carrera Panamericana.

The car was out of control, hit a telephone pole, jumped over a brook, hitting a few spectators in the process. He was a Spanish diving champion, horse jumping champion of France and he swam at an international level.


Lining up 12th on the grid, he moved up places to be third when he was asked to hand over his car to team mate Peter Collins, who went on to finish second to Fangio.

De Portago had nothing to worry about in his youth, neither financially nor in any other way. The great sportsman Alfonso de Portago Except for being a playboy and a speed devil, Alfonso was one of the most diverse and excellent sportsmen ever seen.

Fon, Marquis de Portago Bio, Stats, and Results | Olympics at

And it was the start of a long trial against Enzo Ferrari and tyre manufacturer Englebert, on a charge for manslaughter. With just two years of racing experience! But if the car survived the race, the results were invariably very good. The woman pkrtago question was Mexican actress Linda Christian, ex-wife of actor Tyrone Power who had switched from the man raciing played Zorro on-screen to his real-life incarnation.

With Formula One the inevitable next arena, he took place in five Grand Prix and came second at Silverstone in That was the only race he would drive it, as he raicng it completely. He raxing thrown out of his car and could easily have been killed, but escaped with a broken leg. Nelson countered this assertion, saying de Portago would not live to be But everything came to an end after a fatal crash in – what caused the horrific accident and why were Ferrari sued? One of his best friends was Dutch nobleman Carel Godin de Beaufort, who copied Alfonso’s reckless way of driving.


At the tender age of 17 he could already be found in Paris, where he enjoyed the nightlife the city is famous for.

Alfonso de Portago

After that, De Portago took his Ferrari and left for the Bahamas. The Portago curve at the St.

This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Contributor Ed Cripps Ed is a screenwriter and journalist. Not bad at all for a Spanish nobleman who was only in it for fun. Retrieved 9 April — via NYTimes. racng

What Killed Alfonso De Portago And The Mille Miglia? | CCFS UK

Archived from the original on I’ll die of old age or be executed in some gross miscarriage of justice”. He participated in five World Championship Formula One races, placing his best result during a shared drive at the British Grand Prix, with a total of four championship points.

Retrieved 9 April Supposedly, Carroll McDaniel and Alfonso de Portago were in the process of getting facing divorce so he could legitimize his invalid Mexican marriage to fashion model Dorian Leigh who had already aborted their first baby in and then gave birth to their son Kim on 27 September Although he again retired from the Sebring 12 hours, this time due to a broken gearbox, his results were getting better all the time: