Both of them seem to be warm-sounding amps and their bass performance are the main spotlight. The bass response however makes up for it. First he shared that “one thing we did for the Audio-Technica flagship store in Sydney is fit all of their listening stations with our HA and HAD. Certainly if you want just one high end solution the Burson Audio HADS is a very high contender indeed in that respect. Enter Burson Audio, whose all-discrete designs seem to be aimed more at the tone-obsessed music lover than the detail-fanatic-critical-listener-audiophile rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? I hope that RSA is not slow, mellow, romantic.

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Four of us from the Sydney head-fi community compared the Burson’s dac section against the Buffalo, in a quiet room at the recent Blue Mountains meet: So I gather it won’t do very well with Sennheisers, then?

6moons audio reviews: Burson Audio HAD

In hurson bellowed high-end audio we try to build such a high pedestals and being a sentinels of this magical art. Being an analog fan, I could instantly click with the HAD mojo.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Vocals performance is very good for solid state standards. To get the attractive price point Burson Audio had to do a bit of tweaking with the original HAD. Reply February 1, JJ.

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If you listen to music with strong beats, then the Burson is the better choice. A demo HA unit quickly followed, and I was not bursob be disappointed you can read my HA review below: I was thinking about the following options: Tonal accuracy and texture is noticeably increased over the Pico, with vocals in particular rendered in a more vivid, palpable way.

It provides all the lush tonal richness I could ask for, as well as producing a very 3-dimensional and accurate albeit small soundstage. Do you know of a better sounding dedicated head amp than the Bursons, within the same tonal range and bass performance?

WIll the mk4 drive the T1s well? Having said that, I think the Burson is a beautiful match for the HD I’m grateful for the example that Burson set. On the back you have USB input, digital and analog inputs only. But still my friends would die to get an audition on the Thunderpants.

Kudos to Burson and to Mike! If you could chose an upgrade would you get a D with no amp or invest in that amp and a D On the analog side meanwhile, the Zodiac gives us a cheap Chinese switch-mode power supply and plenty aueio ICs. Reply January 23, prtuc2.

I have a pair of ultrasone pro and will be getting a HD soon. The HAD’s innate finesse in the domains of tone and presence mate perfectly with the LCD2’s natural inclinations in that direction, providing an overall frighteningly real reproduction. CovenantAug 24, Although the differences were slight in the overall scheme of things – I’ve always found different headphones and amplifiers to have the biggest impact in overall system sound – the presentation was decidedly more natural and convincingly rendered on the HAD.


Burson Audio HA-160 Headphone Amp (Playback 41)

How come, that experienced guitar, violin and piano players for example can at once distinct about different tone and sense of an instrument? I think ultimately the deciding factor is whether character and sonic signature of the Burson matches the signature if your music. Reply July 28, Noneya.

Briefly, they are both good. The treble is also not as emphasized as on the Concerto, Grace, or even Beta Is there a potential advantage for the Australian? Reply July 31, NeoDiNardo. The unit itself feels marvellously solid and well-engineered.