Also, living aboard a sailboat as I do – particularly one not attached to a dock with all those conveniences like shore power and cable connections but swinging free at anchor, where I have to “make my own” or do without – I ask quite a lot of my computer equipment; therefore, I consider this to be an excellent test environment. Please login or register. As to my qualifications to do this kind of testing – after wearing out a number of laptops over the years, I consider myself to be somewhat of a connoisseur of the breed. I will return the favor any free way i can. Yes, my password is: Forum only search News: One odd note here is that instead of going blank whenever it times out, the screen breaks into a weird medley of twitching color blobs X and console both that makes me feel like it’s about to blow up at any second; somewhat unnerving, to say the least.

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After I purchased the and began having some concerns about the heat, fan and battery life, I took a look at other brand laptops wirdless by family and friends.

Needless to say, the restore process will wipe away all personally installed programs and files, so make your make your own recovery disk and back ups.

I knew nothing about notebooks at the time of purchase.

Drivers For Free – Averatec Series Wireless Network Adapter Drivers

This rules out Dell, Gateway, aferatec others of their ilk I may reconsider after checking their return policies a bit more carefully, but for the moment, they’re out – I’m not up for shipping hassles. Here was my first chance to find out what this machine aeratec really made of – the information I needed to make intelligent buying decisions which the manufacturers, for some silly reason, usually hide, with a unanimity that approaches collusion.


I have had my Averatec since Oh yeah, there’s a “Quickstart Guide” page – one side of a glossy sheet. Intel [AC97 Modem] rev 80 I haven’t tested this – I don’t have a lot of use for modems these days – but I’d imagine it works about as well or as poorly as any other AC97 win modem.

Given that my usual Net connection is via a USB cable connected to my cell phone, the no-twiddling, “just works” hookup here made life quite pleasant. If you’ve got a laptop that you use with Linux and have found to be easily configurable, or know of one that fits the above restrictions and you think might be a good one, please feel free to contact me with your experiences and suggestions at. News Blog Facebook Twitter Newsletter.

Only the first four CDs were required. Unfortunately, I had no way to test it: You might want to do a search all for the BIOS extention. KDiskFree reports using less than 10 percent of the GB hard drive. Windows 7 finds drivers for most devices, and I used Slimdrivers to find the missing ones. Temperatures were recorded using MobileMeter: I averattec dusted and cleaned, but nothing.

What I found lacking on all of them were qualified opinionsotherwise known as reviews. I found a file called BIOS.

Averatec Wireless connection problem

The has a lovely, sleek design and I personally like the gray metallic color. I bought the wirelwss a local Staples. If you want something in life to teach you patience, this is the machine for you. The battery life averztec disappointing. No, create an account now. I have a few questions for you Obviously, this is a relatively new piece of hardware the “unknown device” message says that it doesn’t have a description in the PCI database ; however, it worked OK “out of the box”, at x all the way up to 32bpp.


The is warranted against defects for one year from the date of purchase, except the notebook battery, which is covered for six months. The screen is very nice and has no dead pixels. There are frequent rebate offers. Moreover, on a warm Florida day 80 degrees Fahrenheit; my boat has fans but no air conditioningthe machine will often pop up a “going down now due to thermal overload: The Averatec notebook is made with PowerNow Technology.

I use Windows 7 on my I got neopoints i can hook up your kids with or something else. I grabbed the source for it, compiled it, downloaded the Wind0ws drivers, and ran the installation procedure. His subsequent experiences include creating software in nearly a dozen languages, network and database maintenance during the approach of a hurricane, and writing articles for publications ranging from sailing magazines to technological journals.

This notebook is suitable for office use, students and other personal uses.