To choose the right driver, first detect the graphics card. You may have recognized the “linux-dri-ppc” target. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. To do so change your working directory to the root directory of the Mesa tree: What do we want to do? Do this by adding the line:

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You will recognize that we have a additional implementation now: I also had some permission problems using udev.

And here is the xorg. Tormod Volden tormodvolden wrote on Now something got me thinking of thislsa warning and I as an windows oldie thought perhaps there is some garr between my agp and my AC97 device so into bios, disable snd device, and reboot.

Here is the dmesg output: Consequently fglrx will not be updated for use with newer versions of X. If you use a hybrid system with Intel integrated video card, you should also activate KMS and Intel driver. Confirmed form me kubuntu 9.

r300 driver for ATI radeons on Apple hardware + GNU/Linux

To do so change your working directory to the root directory of the Mesa tree: For information on the proprietary driver, see ATIProprietary. Bus Device sti Where “xxxx” is your card model example: AGP is recognized correctly.


You can use lspci for this task:. You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

I’ve had it too and Lars Avp solution works for me. Note that you will still be able to run X without permission to the fglrx subsystem, but usually not with acceleration enabled.

In other three attempts system failed to boot. Email me about changes to this bug report.

I’ve also found that extremely high cpu usage was caused by reloading not only radeon, but also ttm and drm modules. I will attempt to collect the logs of a system that fails to boot and attach the logs.

ATI AGP GART Driver SYS Files – SYS Troubleshooting Directory

Also the xorg composite extension is still not supported by this driver and will be deactivatet on start-up of X. We need to configure two things: Do this by adding the line: It also needs firmware-linux-nonfree package to get it to work. If ap compare this boot log to the boot log I atu earlier with apport-collectyou’ll see that the order in which modules in question are loaded is completely different. The DRM sources tree also contains the kernel drivers.


In order to update the drivers you need to update the two CVS repositories. I try to boot from cd Lucid Direct rendering disabled If I unload and reload the radeon module and restart gdm, everything works fine: I can boot successfully if I enable “nomodeset” boot option but splash plymouth is shown in low res and low color mode and DRI including 3D acceleration is not working.

Testing Now it time to test our configuration: Direct rendering disabled And yes, gap is caused by drm and radeon drivers loaded before agpgart module. No more black screen anymore.