What flex should I select? Something I like to do is take a few full waggles and practice swings to get a feel for the stiffness of the shaft and the weight throughout the swing. You hear of a lot of people re-shafting drivers because they are not happy with the originals. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. From the first swing I could tell that the Alpha was going to be a good driver.

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My current Titleist S also has 9. If any golf club is found to infringe upon a trademark or patented design, please notify us and it will promptly be removed. Now what a club!.

As represented by our golf distributors, suppliers and manufacturers, all club designs are to the best of our knowledge legal golf equipment.

What length should I select? Alpha has been a large player in a secondary market.

Very pleased and highly recommend this driver with an xs shaft for anyone who wants to get huge and start competing! This similarity was confirmed when I hit the first plasa with the Alpha.

Available in right hand lofts: I have owned the Alpha Your email address will not be published.

I know the shaft is good but this combination is VERY good!. Look and Feel The Alpha C May well it continue. It is the first driver allowing you to customize the award-winning Alpha head with any and all shaft flexes. The finish on the Alpha is cleaner and sleeker than polished granite. Conclusion Alpha has quite the club on its hand.


What grip size should I select?

This club is definitely worth a shot not only for its performance, but for its price as well. To help workability, Alpha employs the use of what they call Optimum Hosel Technology OHT that minimizes the distance between the shaft and the center of the face to reduce torque.

I consistently landed it at or near the same spot I hit the Titleist around carry. Super-thin SP titanium face features the maximum coefficient of restitution for the highest energy transfer ratio allowed by the USGA Strategically engineered heel-to-toe weighting for increased rotational inertia Large cc head produces a very high moment of inertia for resistance to twisting on off center impacts Strategically positioned center of gravity for boring trajectories Carefully crafted wide body construction allows easier airborne launches, low backspin, and straighter and longer shots Uniformly thin outer face with consistent flexibility across the face to achieve maximum COR for off center hits Wide and tall effective hitting area provides a generous sweet spot zone.

Alpha Reaction Golf C830.2 Titanium Drivers

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The Callaway plsama the rounded look a bit too far, but the C The shaft was cut to I hit the 9. Episode The Sand Trap. True to the nature of technology and the limits imposed by the USGA, there was no noticeable difference in the distance I hit the Alpha.


Great Shot Swing School > Pro Shop > Alpha C Plasma LX Driver

While this looks great out of the wrapper, after a few swings the beautiful finish had some permanent marks slashed across the bottom.

Not all golfers are going to swing out of their shoes like those guys, but Alpha has designed a solid club that goes toe to toe with the best drivers out there. From the first swing I could tell that the Alpha was going to be a good driver.

The standard information including loft, and clubhead size is stamped on the bottom for your reading pleasure. Reduction of torque means less turning of the clubface and a much straighter ball flight. Finally, the Alpha logo can be found on the toe of the club giving the C Reading some of the other reviewsI figured that this club would deliver, but I did not think it would be nearly as good as my Titleist.