It’s got an optical viewfinder, of sorts, and a little LCD screen too. Saving uncompressed video, saving a clip with no keyframe interval so it’ll have one keyframe at the beginning and then nothing but delta frames; that sort of thing. Everything makes a noise when you move the mouse cursor over it. But this is a tiny little camera that you can strap to a radio controlled toy – or, heck, build into the toy car, or plane, or rocket, or whatever. The Pocket DV2 disengages its internal image processing hardware when it’s tethered, and just spits raw video down the USB cable; on my 1. Here’s the Pocket DV2’s attempt. Getting files out of the camera is easy; you just install the drivers for the camera it’s got one driver for file transfer mode, and another for tethered-camera mode , and plug it in with the included USB cable.

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If you use half-decent NiMH cells, though, you should be able to get aiptek pocket dv three solid hours of recording per charge, even if you leave the LCD backlight on all the time. But aipfek digicams, like minemost certainly do not shoot video, for reasons philosophically analogous to those that keep cup-holders out aiptek pocket dv Formula 1 cars.

If the Pocket DV2 were a real camcorder, it’d be a very, very small one.

Aiptek Pocket DV2 digital camera

But, I remind you, this is a cheap camera. I’ll see if I can get to the bottom of the bizarre internal memory issue; if you get a Pocket DV2 with aiptek pocket dv problem, and return it, it would appear that you may be sent another defective camera.

Overall I really like this little thing. Aiptek recommend you run the Pocket DV2 from “high performance” alkaline AAs, but my bench power supply and ammeter suggest otherwise. I could have just panned around the office, or shot some video of passing cars, or something, but the heck with that.


When taking a picture, the current draw dropped to about mA during the two-second aiptek pocket dv process, because the live screen preview turns off while that’s happening. So I got hold of a second Pocket DV2 to test. That mottled colour I mention above can, sometimes, really jump up and bite you. Read the Pershing review to find out where the light and sound show’s aiptek pocket dv from.

Most of these products just have a two-digit numerical display and aiptek pocket dv couple of buttons, and as a result just plain can’t have a review function.

The Pocket DV2 has no battery charging feature, and can’t quite decide what its battery level indicator should say when it’s running from rechargeables, but apart from aiptsk aiptek pocket dv seems pokcet work fine from NiMH or nickel cadmium NiCd AAs. The full by image from the D60 would be a gigantic file even after recompression, but for a quick resolution and sharpness comparison, here’s the Pocket DV2’s view of the Beach Palace Hotel, with its distinctive beach-ball dome: Engaged this aiptek pocket dv a price, and so many other features.

Closing the LCD, by the way, does not automatically turn the backlight off. There’s a slide switch, revealed by opening the LCD, that lets you turn it on and off. But it doesn’t seem to.

This is just my ridiculous idea for what you can do with this thing. It’s mainly that the camera has a slow enough shutter speed that fast moving images get badly blurred.

Many current consumer digital cameras can shoot video clips of respectable length, and ought to be better at it than the Pocket DV2. You can get NiMH cells up to mAh capacity nowadays; that’d be good for about poxket straight hours of audio or video recording. Mustek’s DV sets a new standard for super-toy-cams! Apart from the fact aiptek pocket dv regular humans can afford them, baby-cams are also small and light and, generally, very easy to use.

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You have to use the menu if you want to record audio only with the Pocket DV2. Its interface is warm and aiptek pocket dv and difficult to use, and if there’s a way to make it save video from the Pocket DV2 in the format it loaded it in, I don’t know what that way is.

Power consumption Aiptek recommend you run the Pocket DV2 from “high performance” alkaline AAs, but my bench power supply and ammeter suggest otherwise. But this aiptek pocket dv a tiny little camera that you can strap to a radio controlled toy – or, heck, build into the toy car, or plane, or rocket, or ;ocket.

Review: Aiptek Pocket DV2 digital camera

It runs from two AA batteries, and will run for quite a long time from rechargeables. It’s also very low resolution, and not aiptek pocket dv high contrast, and practically impossible to view in sunlight. Baby-cams traditionally come with a aiptek pocket dv of, um, questionable bundled software. VirtualDub, unlike a lot of free tools that do things to video files, is quite easy to use, and very well aipttek.

Image quality This camera takes good pictures, by the standards aitek toy-cams. Then, it gives you a focussed image, but one that’s only the size of the average little fingernail.