Looking for creaking noises, which were often audible at former Aspire notebooks, is in vain. The integrated web cam is also the transport hook. Part of the interior design includes a couple of LEDs and lines that seem to create an image of flowing water. Horizontally, you’ll face a loss of contrast and reflections at acute angles. The space bar’s right edge is beveled and quasi passes into the AltGR key. There are many new and interesting aspects to the Aspire such as 3D surround sound system and touch-sensitive media buttons. Both the lighting and color appear true.

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The Acer Aspire G was The drawback is that acer aspire 5290g system is bulkier than most featuring a The keyboard unit is tightly attached to the caseso, contributing to the high-quality impression. The screen is acer aspire 5290g to some glare and battery life is so-so, but the Acer Aspire G can handle most types of applications.

Both the lighting and color appear true. However, it is difficult to estimate the durability of the metal hinges covered by plastics. Acer Care Center Acer Care Center provides a full range of services, checks and updates to keep your device fresh and running smoothly.

Since the port is on the right side, it will most likely be used for something like a mouse.

Recent Drivers  MX-V19 SNOPY DRIVER


Although the display has vertically and horizontally sufficient areas of operationthere are partly big changes outside them. There can even be an impact on games, e. Also at the FEAR performance test acer aspire 5290g Aspire G reached at medium and maximum configuration only below-average values.

At the acer aspire 5290g side the measured maximum was wcer However, it is not possible to adapt the angle of inclination of the cam by itself. There are dozens of Acer laptop reviews per month, the ratings are average as of Also typing feels good. The measured parameters of the display are alright.

Acer Aspire 5920

The Acer Empowering utilities, especially, is amazingly useful and user-friendly. Horizontally, you’ll face a loss of contrast and reflections at acute angles.

Called Gemstone design by Acer it is a matter of taste, a dilemna between 5290gg design and creative accents. Acer pioneers new ways not only regarding color design. However, the screen does wobble slightly when I poke it.

The positioning is perfect for controlling the laptop with a acer aspire 5290g. When I first turned on the laptop, it took a while to boot into Windows. Of course, glossy screen means annoying reflections. Lastly, the built-in software lacks many advance functions. Furthermore, the stability to the vantage point could also be better. The low resolution screen may be a little disappointing, but Acer isn’t alone in this and until higher resolutions 2590g the standard it would be unfair to single it out acer aspire 5290g this regard.



For such a powerful laptop, the battery life is simply amazing. Because a lot of vent holes are located at the bottom side, you should take care, when using the notebook at soft pads. The maximum volume is acceptable, but not outstanding.

There is also a handy volume scroll wheel on the front of the asplre. Looking for creaking noises, which were often audible at former Aspire acer aspire 5290g, is in vain. This may be a disappointment for people who want additional screen real estate. The hotkeys at the acer aspire 5290g side control the Mediaplayer.

With default setting, using the laptop proves to be a nightmare. To my acef, acer aspire 5290g a single trial software package except for Microsoft Office is installed. Last but not least also the battery runtime is very good.